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'It was a warm balmy evening in mid summer.  I felt relaxed.  The day was almost done as I crossed over the little stone bridge into the Japanese Garden, intent on a quiet stroll before supper.  The day would soon  be sent to bed, and what more fitting place for the quiet magic of a sunset evening than the serenity of the Japanese Garden.

The birds were softly chirping their final melodies of the day as I turned left through the woodland and began to slowly wend my way towards the bridge across the pond, passing as I did so the scent of the varied herbs in the planting beside me............................'

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The book contains more stunning photographs of the garden at this special time of day.

'The sun is now setting behind the pavilion as I proceed up past the waterfall and across the top of the pond towards home.

I turn to gaze across the pond towards the west, in the quiet of the evening air.

I am at peace with the world, and it with me.'

Extracts from the author's book

'How I Built a Japanese Garden'

courtesy of the publishers