Once we create a garden we invariably provide habitats for wildlife to flourish.

  Hedgerows and bird feeders provide nesting sites and food sources for the many different varieties of birds which appear as if by magic, and can provide many hours of enjoyment with their birdsong .  The dawn chorus during mating season has to be heard to be believed

I well recall the day I strolled into the Japanese Garden to be met with a most beautiful Long-eared Owl, which obediently rested on a tree branch and stared at me for a good 5 seconds or so before swooping past me and disappearing.  Unfortunately I did not have a camera at the ready on that occasion

A pond will attract frogs, newts, boatmen, great diving beetles, and many varieties of damselfly and dragonfly.  If we add fish to the pond we can also attract the Grey Heron, a fact that I have discovered to my cost (and that of the fish)

Living in the country as we do, we also have foxes, squirrels, rabbits, field mice, shrews and hares to name just a few

The photographs to be found here are just a few of the ones I have been able to capture.  As I encounter more (should I be lucky enough to have a camera at the ready) I will add them to the list


Some of the birds to be found in an Irish garden

Some of the Butterflies to be found in the garden

Some of the animals to be found in the garden

Some of the insects to be found in the garden

Some of the Pondlife to be found in the Garden